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About Us

The Maplewood Wellness Center was created by Amanda Vaske and Jennifer Tichenor, who are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in Minnesota.  The Wellness Center is based on a shared concept that all of us have inherent health and well-being within.  Our mission is to create a safe, peaceful, confidential and relaxing environment where individuals can work on creating balance, restore personal health and begin the journey towards overall healing and wellness. 

The professionals at The Maplewood Wellness Center believe that wellness occurs when approached from a whole person perspective that encompasses a biological – psychological – social and spiritual approach.  

All of us have experienced feeling disconnected from ourselves as a result of the challenges life brings.  The Maplewood Wellness Center views these challenges as opportunities for growth and change.  We provide you the ability to utilize professionals who specialize in areas of Mental Health and Acupuncture in an office setting that is both serene and healing.   We believe there has been a disconnect between the mind and body professions, which is why we chose to create a place that offers comprehensive and inclusive approaches for ultimate wellness.

We are passionate in our mission to help you to restore the balance and wellness in your life that you deserve.  The Maplewood Wellness Center provides you the  place to achieve your goals.  We believe your life, happiness, and wellness matter.


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