The Maplewood Wellness Center has been featured on FreshPractice, a website offering therapy office design inspiration for therapists, by therapists. Here’s an excerpt from our interview:    

The style that probably best describe the space is “Zen.” Everything in the space was carefully chosen by us.  It was not unusual for us to spend days or weeks discussing a rug, a chandelier, a piece of art or a quote to add to a wall to create the Zen environment that we wanted the offices to feel like. Our clients have described the space as peaceful, beautiful and sacred.

In the featured post, you’ll learn about our intentions for the choices we made for furniture and artwork found in our "Ecclectic Zen Renovation In Minnesota" as well as advice for therapists designing their own spaces and how The Maplewood Wellness Center created a comfortable counseling experience.  



You can read more about our therapy office style by following this link, and be sure to check out the other practices featured on FreshPractice.Design!